Benefits of the ARL

Understanding if packaging is recyclable can be confusing. That’s where the ARL comes in. As an evidenced-based label, the ARL is the easiest way for your business to meet your customers' demand for accurate recycling information. Not only is it good for business, but it's good for consumers and the environment.

Good for businesses

Did you know nearly half of Australians are more likely to buy products that contain the ARL? The ARL is the easiest way your business can meet your customers' demand for accurate recycling instructions. Using the ARL can help to:

  • Demonstrate your business is serious about sustainability with a tangible, practical commitment.
  • Improve your brand reputation and attract new customers.
  • Cut through the confusion and take the headache out of providing recyclable packaging.
  • Join a community of like-minded businesses that are working to reduce the harmful impact of packaging on the environment.
Good for consumers

Be a sustainability leader in your field with the ARL.  

Research shows that: 


- Customers love the ARL: 75% of Australians agree the ARL is a great idea and want to see it on all packaging! 

- Customers value recycling: More than three-quarters of Australians think recycling is the best way they can help the environment. 

- Customers want more recycling advice: Nearly half of Australians worry they aren't recycling correctly. Customers want more information about how to recycle correctly and packaging is the first place they look for advice.  

- Customers recycle better with the ARL: Australians recycle more accurately when the ARL is available. 

Good for the environment

Using the ARL on your packaging is one of the simplest ways you can reduce your brand's environmental impact:

  • Packaging is made from valuable, finite resources. By helping customers put the right packaging in the right bin, the ARL ensures packaging materials are captured and processed into new products.
  • By helping your customers to recycle correctly, it reduces the amount of packaging that enters landfill or ends up as litter in our environment. Recycling correctly also reduces the amount of contamination in the recycling system.

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